Discover Your Value. Control Your Career Path.

Phairify was created to bring fairness, clarity, and confidence to the physician professional services marketplace. We provide physicians with specialty-specific benchmarking data and a physician-first job market to help them understand their value and find their ideal jobs.

Phairify Provides Essential Data to Help Physicians Understand Their Worth.

Phairify provides physicians complimentary, real-time access to high-quality market research and personalized value reports, leveling the information playing field so physicians can determine their professional value. Our benchmarking data delivers market intelligence that is:

• Specialty-specific
• Filterable
• Physician-sourced
• Current

Phairify Is the First Job Market Created by Physicians for Physicians.

With Phairify, physicians can confidentially set their specific preferences and anonymously share them with employers without revealing their identity to peers or recruiters. Physicians are immediately notified of job opportunities exactly matching their expressed interests, with the freedom to pursue or decline them as they choose.

Access Real Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence is specialty-specific, current, and filterable, making personalized analysis easy.

Set Your Own Career Goals

Set your own terms for the job you want, from full-time to gig work, and find the right fit for you.

Engage the Marketplace, on Your Terms

Define your ideal job criteria using our data and let employers bid for your skills.

Stay Up-to-Date with Market Trends

Access crowd-sourced data from fellow physicians for reliable and pertinent market insights.

Manage Your Career

Leverage data-driven insights for strategic career decisions and trend tracking in your field.

Access Phairify Risk-Free

Stay anonymous, with the freedom to pursue or pass on job matches as you see fit.

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Physicians receive free, unlimited access to Phairify as an exclusive medical society membership benefit. Find out if your society is a Phairify Partner.

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