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Phairify finds and delivers candidates who are open to new opportunities but not actively searching. Each of our candidates posts their specific job requirements (compensation, location, practice type, etc.) for the market to assess. This approach allows employers to efficiently identify and precisely engage with physicians whose job preferences perfectly align with their offerings.

How It Works

Having an efficient process to place the right doctor in the right job at the right time is more important than ever. With Phairify, we make that process easier than ever.

1. Access and query Phairify’s candidate market for free.

“Show me candidates for my open job:
Pediatric cardiologist, Academic Hospital, Atlanta, GA, Board certified, US only.”

2. Shape your opportunity to discover those candidates most interested in your opportunity.

“OK, show me how many candidates have stated salary requirements below

3. Pay when you identify a suitable matching candidate pool.

“OK, Great! Connect my opportunity to those 11 specialists interested in my job.”

Phairify works for permanent, locums, and gig opportunities for practicing US physicians. No contracts. No long-term commitments. No minimum use. Just gauge candidate interest and proceed where we offer the exact candidates you need.

Market Intelligence

Gain clear market insights with our physician-sourced data on specialty compensation, practice, and productivity to understand physicians’ market outlook.

Riskless 'Window-Shopping’

Explore our candidate pool at no cost to seamlessly assess interest for your positions and engage only the prospects you need precisely when you need them.

More Signal. Less Noise.

Align your job openings with physicians' current and specific preferences for a targeted and efficient recruitment process.

New and Exclusive Candidates

We’ve removed numerous barriers to physician participation in the job market, allowing you to access a new and unreachable pool of active candidates.

Key Benefits and Results

Phairify brings clarity, efficiency, and equity to the physician job market.

Market Insight for Recruitment:
Get the same detailed market data we offer physicians to ensure your job offers meet current market standards and physician expectations.

Targeted Connections:
Leverage our direct insights into physicians’ job preferences to match opportunities with precision, providing a streamlined connection to interested candidates beyond traditional job postings.

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