Why Do Societies Partner With Phairify?

Phairify offers societies and their members essential specialty data, a valuable career center resource for members, and a fresh candidate pool for society job board customers.

We’ve long recognized the lack of market transparency and how it limits our members’ ability to assess fair value for their professional services, so we’re excited to work with Phairify to empower our members with timely and relevant specialty market information.

Nancy E. Lundebjerg, CEO, American Geriatrics Society

Pharify Is Here to Help.

Your Members Want Benchmarking Data

“What’s a fair starting salary for a new grad in urology?”

Your Members Need Job and Career Tools

“Now that I know what I’m worth alert me to urologist positions in St. Louis in academic institutions with call < 1:5.”

Phairify instantly provides members with top-tier specialty data while offering societies a new data resource for society initiatives. Phairify gives members risk-free control over their participation in the job market and completes your society’s career center.

Phairify’s Value for Societies and Their Members.

Phairify equips societies with crucial specialty market data and career center capabilities, allowing members to assess their true value and specify their desired job terms to the market. As a partner, gain complete access to our data and boost your job board with our dedicated candidate-generation tool.

No Cost, No Hassle

Enjoy unlimited, free platform access on any device, with the freedom to use the data as needed. Phairify is offered as a complimentary benefit to society members.

Real-Time Physician Value Data

Phairify provides immediate physician-powered insights into physician productivity and compensation, sharing up-to-date specialty data with members and societies.

Specialty Specific

Tailor and analyze value metrics relevant to your specialty using our customizable benchmarking tools.

Complementary with Existing Career Tools

Phairify enhances your job board by delivering an entirely new segment of active, searchable candidates for your customers.

Built for Your Members

Our streamlined surveys, taking less than 20 minutes, focus only on essential specialty information for efficient member insights.

Value for Student and Trainee Members

Equip students and trainees with the latest specialty practice data to guide their career decisions.

Phairify-Society Partnership Program.

  • Co-developed 20-minute survey focused on vascular surgeons
  • 25% member participation (served a critical and unmet member need)
  • Society acquires free, specialty data resource for its own use
  • Society delivers new, no-cost membership benefit

“A remarkable opportunity to validate and understand true market value of Vascular Surgery at a granular level.”
     – Society member

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