Building Long-Lasting Medical Specialty Society Member Loyalty

How one medical specialty society attracted new members and engaged existing ones by offering Phairify’s vital practice information resource as a free member benefit.

Building Long-Lasting Medical Specialty Society Member Loyalty
The Challenge The Strategy The Selection Benefits & Rewards

The Challenge

With physicians increasingly becoming employed and receiving training, guidance, and support from their employers, medical specialty societies face increasing difficultly securing new members and retaining current ones. As the new Executive Director for a medical specialty society, you face the challenge of delivering compelling value to your prospective and existing society members.

The Strategy

The ED recognized that understanding specialty compensation and productivity data and defining professional value were persistent challenges to members. After some diligence, the ED learned that physicians were challenged by limited access to expensive, and often inaccurate, sources of productivity and compensation information. This issue had grown more complex as many of the society’s specialists were becoming employed and were disadvantaged when negotiating (or re-negotiating) compensation elements of their employment agreements. To address these concerns, the society needed a way to provide their members with accurate, up-to-date specialty-specific physician compensation and productivity information. By making this information available as a free member benefit, the society’s Membership and Marketing Lead recognized Phairify as a useful tool to interest non-member specialists in joining the society.

The Selection

After searching for platforms that could address the physician-hospital information imbalance and empower society members to define their real value, the ED turned to Phairify. With Phairify, she found the cost-effective solution that enabled her members to access filterable, sub-specialty-specific physician productivity and compensation information that was timely, accurate, and readily accessible. In light of her society’s financial constraints, she was pleased to learn that the society and its members would receive this member benefit at no financial cost. The ED also used Phairify’s data to provide data access to student and trainee members with a career interest in the specialty. 

“While specialty societies face the challenges of member retention and attraction, Phairify delivers an engaging and critical information benefit creating durable member loyalty. Phairify brings societies closer to their members by delivering a uniquely valuable — and free — benefit, while giving the society another tool to attract new members to the organization. Societies are excited to offer Phairify’s information resource as a way to build long-lasting relationships with their members.”

Benefits & Rewards

  • Improved Accuracy: Phairfy’s platform was able to provide fairness, clarity, and confidence to all of the society’s members. Equipped with specialty-specific productivity and compensation information that was up-to-date and, more importantly, highly accurate, the society was able to provide its members with an empowering resource that moved them forward in their respective careers.
  • Member Satisfaction: Especially during COVID, the society’s members were thankful to have accessible compensation and productivity information at their fingertips, which they could trust was accurate and specific to their particular field. Available without any financial costs, the society’s members saw how valuable a platform like Phairify could be in informing their career decisions and helping them progress as professionals. The society’s member satisfaction levels have never been higher.