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    Connect with Us at ASN Kidney Week 2022 (Nov 3-5, Orlando, FL)

    Mark your calendars! Phairify will be set up at Booth 1413—stop by to learn more about our partnership with ASN, and find out how to access your free membership benefit.

    Not sure what Kidney Week is? Click here to find out more!


    Phairify Announces Partnership with the American Society of Nephrology


    NEW!!! ASN Members: Don’t Manage Your Career in the Dark – Activate Your New ASN Member Benefit

    We don’t prescribe medication for our patients without high quality data supporting its use, so why would we bank our careers and financial futures on information any less rigorous?

    Activate your ASN-provided Phairify account HERE for free, unlimited, and immediate access to nephrology-specific practice, productivity and compensation information and tools to manage your career.


    Do You Know Your Professional Value?

    What is a nephrologist worth in private practice? How about academia? What about East versus West coast? What if you are a clinician? Physician-leader? Researcher? Educator? It’s difficult to optimally manage your career if you do not understand your professional value across many different contexts.

    Learn more HERE.

    Access Phairify. Learn your value. Control your career.


    Phairify Continues to Expand its Platform to Meet Physicians’ Career Objectives

    While physicians receive emails, calls, and advertisements every day for open positions describing the best jobs, in the best institutions, located in the best places to live – it is the information that is not included, or only vaguely described in those offers, which frustrates candidates. Phairify levels the playing field by offering vital career information and tools to specialists and changes the dynamics of physician recruitment.

    Phairify supplies information and career needs of nephrologists, urologists, surgeons and other specialists – click HERE to find out if your specialty society offers Phairify to you as a free membership benefit.