Resetting the Physician Recruitment Paradigm: Physicians Set the Terms of Their Career Opportunities

How Phairify’s Physician Value Exchange helped one physician define and realize a career opportunity he otherwise had not thought possible.

Resetting the Physician Recruitment Paradigm: Physicians Set the Terms of Their Career Opportunities
The Challenge The Strategy The Selection Benefits & Results

The Challenge

You are a physician and content with your current employment. The compensation seems fair, the benefits are good, and your required work duties are mostly fine. Overall, you feel your career is good though it is far from your ideal. Unfortunately, the options available to find and assess other career opportunities are lacking. Waiting for the right opportunity to arrive has not delivered good results—you are assaulted with cold calls and spam email everyday advertising positions that do not relate to your skills or preferences or fail to offer any meaningful details about the position being offered. You are reluctant to contact recruiters or respond to job postings that might offer promise because you do not want to identify yourself as an active candidate and risk detection by someone in your current practice.

The Strategy

Over coffee last week, a colleague told you how he recently registered with, completed their Physician Value Study, and gained immediate and free access to compensation and productivity information for colleagues in your mutual sub-specialty. He was particularly impressed by the specificity and comparability of the study results, allowing him to create personalized cohorts to show desired compensation ranges, benefits offered, and components of work-life balance such as call days and vacation days. He shared how he was able to use that information to construct the terms of a desired future role and post it to Phairify’s Physician Value Exchange for other Phairify users to consider and match. You quickly realized your ideal career opportunity may not only be ideal but also achievable.

The Selection

You registered with, completed the Physician Value Study, and answered several questions about what your ideal career opportunity would look like, such as your preferred compensation, the nature of your practice (clinical, research, teaching), and where you would want to practice. When you complete the Physician Value Study, you immediately receive access to your sub-specialty specific compensation and productivity information. You see the range of compensation in your sub-specialty, where you currently match up, and where you prefer to be. You used the Phairify platform to filter the data across numerous elements such as compensation, call days, geographic region, job type, and benefits. You create and post two anonymous ideal career opportunity profiles, focusing on the three career elements which would constitute your ideal career opportunity. You chose the level of compensation, employment type, and a specific geographic area as your top three elements. Within a week, you receive an email that someone has an opportunity that aligns with the terms of the ideal profile you created. “Maybe I’ll reach out to this institution to learn more about the opportunity…” you think to yourself.

“I was not looking for a new job, but I definitely wanted to improve some elements of my current employment. I used Phairify to understand how I compared to others in my sub-specialty in numerous areas. I also built my ideal career opportunity and anonymously posting this ideal for employers to see. Much to my surprise, there was an employer out there who was willing to meet the terms of my ideal.”

Benefits & Results

  • Personalized Results, Immediately: Current market research is published on an annual basis and comes with a substantial price tag—one that only hospitals and recruiters are able to afford. With Phairify, participating physicians enjoy real-time access to their results and can create a personalized value report for free at any time.
  • Empowering Physicians in Career Planning: Physicians are able to use Phairify’s real-time market intelligence to set the terms of desired career opportunities, and then anonymously post those preferred profiles on Phairify’s Physician Value Exchange to set the guideposts for offers by hospitals or physician recruiters.